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Holiday Club - Alice Holt

Sneak through the woods from the Timberline Meadow, over the stream to the secret valley where our camp is hidden. Try fire lighting and den making or work out how to cross the stream with a rope bridge - or dam the stream perhaps...? 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 38.00

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Holiday Club - Claremont

See the wild side of Claremont Landscape Garden! Our purpose-built camp area has a fire circle for toasting marshmallows and practicing your fire lighting skills, and lots of wild spaces to explore including the Rhododendron jungle (perfect for climbing, rope bridges and assault course practice), copses to hide in (and build dens in) hills to run up (and down) and the lake to test the mini raft you've made! 10.30am-4.15pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00


Holiday Club - Coldfall Wood

Come and explore the ancient Coldfall Wood, with its dense thickets, stream, marshland and the wide open spaces of Muswell Hill Playing Fields beyond. creep through the dense undergrowth and trail your friends or some of the wildlife that abounds in this unspoilt and largely unvisited woodland. Then make a den, try a rope bridge or settle down to some woodland crafts before it's time for some adventurous (and exhausting) games on the way home. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00


Holiday Club - Guildford

Climb to the top of the hill to our Chantry Woods camp set where the pine copse meets the open glade on the hill top. Make dens using the bracken in the pine wood, play our version of Sardines or try fire lighting, crafts and wide games on the grass and heather on the hill top then track and trail back in the afternoon down one of the many paths (some more secret than others). 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 38.00

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Holiday Club - Highgate Wood

Come and explore one of London's most ancient woodlands. Track and trail through the clearings and play hide and seek behind huge trees, or try Ninja frisbee. Have lunch and then make a den, try some whittling or some woodland arts and crafts in one of the hidden clearnings we use as a base camp. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00


Holiday Club - Polesden Lacey

Explore the wild woods at Polesden Lacey, hunt for giant Roman snails in the chalk pit, play hide and seek through the hazel copse or try to find the stalactites under the stone bridge. Then try your hand at fire lighting, make a den or look for flints (and more snails or even a slow worm!) in the chalk meadowland. 10.30am-4.15 pm ages 5-11

£ 38.00


Holiday club - Reigate

Based at our camp in the woodland beyond the main lake, explore the woods and fields, make dens and build rope bridges or practise your fire making and survival skills. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 38.00

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Holiday Club - Sheen Common

Find your way through the woods to our base camp, maybe stopping on the way there  (or back) to play hide and seek in the oak clearing, or Ninja Frisbee on the meadow before den building, rope swinging or crafts at main camp. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00

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Holiday Club - Wimbledon Common - Springwell car park

Come and explore Wimbledon Common from our Springwell site. Track and trail through the heathland to Caesar's Well taking care to leave a good trail (but not too easy), then play Eagle Eye in the trees on the way to our main camp hidden in the bracken by the Climbing Tree. Please note, we do not use fire at this site. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00


Holiday Club - Wimbledon Common - Windmill car park

Come and explore Wimbledon Common from our Windmill site. Cross the stream on the fallen tree and practice some woodland parkour, or make and float rafts on the lake on the way to our main camp in the woods, where you can build dens, make asault courses and play stealth games, or try some woodland crafts. Please note, we do not use fire at this site. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00

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Holiday Club - Winkworth

Based at our specially-made woodland camp in the heart of the Arboretum, children spend all day with our leaders, having adventures and exploring the outdoors, including the main camp, the chestnut copse, the stream and meadowlands. 10.30am-4.15pm ages 5-11

£ 38.00


Holiday Club - Putney Lower Common

Come and explore Putney Lower Common. With heathland, wooded copses, a brook (with multiple bridges and a 'beach' for launching and retrieving rafts) there are endless things to do and ways to get muddy and happy. Please note, we do not use fire at this site. 10am-4 pm ages 5-11

£ 45.00

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